How you can become a bet9ja agent in the next 5 days

Dear friend, I will advise you to carefully read every part of this information as it is going to be very helpful to you.

Let’s be serious, you actually landed here because you intend to become a bet9ja agent isn’t it? I guess so. Now I am here to help you, because I truly like you.

Chances are that
1. You know absolutely nothing about the business but just wish to start it and make money or

2. You have limited knowledge about the business and intend to know more

Most people when they intend becoming Bet9ja agents, either go to the so called ‘super agents’ who charge them as high as N200,000 to become agents or they themselves head directly to the website to do the application themselves and which 90% of such applications are rejected by bet9ja.

Dear friend, I would urge you to stand out of the crowd and save your N200,000 to pay any Super Agent just to become a bet9ja agent or do the application without knowing what to really put in place.

Lets see some facts . . .

Nowhere in the internet will you see a complete and detailed step of becoming a bet9ja agent rather than tons of RARELY 400 WORDS blog posts with half-cooked information which leaves you yearning for more.

Now let me use myself as a case study, I have been a bet9ja agent since 2014. I run three betting shops in Cross River State and what I say to you here are from personal experience and not what I believe is right.

If you want to become a bet9ja agent, there is no point paying a super agent hundreds of thousands of Naira, you can become a bet9ja agent yourself, but do not make the mistake of rushing to apply for your shop approval by yourself without noting some unique facts that will make bet9ja never to reject your application.

I can apply for even 10 shops and get them all approved if I wish using my formula. When I was starting out in the betting shops business, it wasn’t easy, I remember paying N200k to the first super agent who ate my money and told me to bring another N100k if I want to get the shop approval, it was all frustrating and this made me to learn the hard way.

I am happy for today, as an agent netting more than N500K weekly profit from this business, setting up betting outlets is really a profitable business.

What if I lift the burden of paying all the hundreds of thousands to a super agent and showing you a simple formula to get your shop approved even in the next five days?

I don’t want you to learn the hard way like I did so I would love to save you some time.

Now, let us take into consideration what an average individual would do when he/she wants to become a bet9ja agent.

Chances are that the ones who do not have any knowledge about the business AT ALL will immediately use google.


By typing keywords how to become a bet9ja agent, how do I start my own bet9ja shop, Bet9ja agent signup etc.


In this case two things are bound to happen(1) the person who is very desperate about starting will immediately click on the first result and signup immediately, and when his/her application gets declined by bet9ja you start hearing things like, “For naija you need get person at the top before e go better for you”, “Ojoro too dey for Naija”, “So because my papa no be Victor Ekpeba na it make bet9ja reject my application” and other related talks.


But its not because of that, your application will be declined because you have limited knowledge of what bet9ja looks for and since it is not in your application it will be declined and they have no time to tell you what they look for in an application because they receive many shop applications everyday and declining yours is not a big deal to them.

(2) The person who wants more information about the subject will move from blog post to blog post in the rest of the search results


Where they will be introduced to half-cooked and irrelevant information of rarely 400 words posted by people who don’t even possess an iota of knowledge about the subject advising you to using a super agent which will charge as high as N200,000 (without a guarantee that your shop will be approved) or still tell you to go and apply for the shop just like the example number 1 did.

The worst of all is people who write this information are just bloggers who don’t even know anything about being a bet9ja agent and are not even agent themselves.

I know a lot of people are hungry for this information, and that is why I took my whole time to put all my knowledge down in one place which I would be revealing to you, the exact blueprint of how you can become a bet9ja agent within the next five days (I mean it and I can guarantee that), no negative thoughts like your application being declined or looking for N200K to give to any super agent or whatever, simply what has worked for me and what I used to get more than 15 shops approved.

I know you would benefit from this guaranteed guide I have to show you

Sorry I can’t make this page too long as I want to tell you everything about the guide

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bobra christiana · August 16, 2018 at 7:30 pm

To open a bet9ja shop and be a bet9ja agent

Augustine · August 30, 2018 at 10:44 pm

Please i just want to start this business but i don’t know anything about it even i know nothing about computer so please how do i do it please help me out pls

thank god · October 16, 2018 at 12:41 am

i want to be a boss on my owen

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